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Where our unique, well-rounded training programs and sane approach to exercise and nutrition are designed to put an end to ineffective workouts, confusion and stress to get you sustainable, life-long results.

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A fully-equipped, private fitness facility specializing in female fitness and empowering women through strength.

Semi-Private Personal Training

1This is our main training service. Semi-private training involves individualized coaching and programming services in a small coach to client ratio setting.

Nutrition Coaching

3Get off the diet roller-coaster and learn a simple, satisfying and enjoyable way of eating you can follow long-term, while still crushing your goals. Our lean eating nutrition program is sustainable, easy-to-begin and covers all of your bases. Forget dieting and guilt.

Sports Performance

3Hurst Strength sports performance programs for dedicated athletes of all ages and levels looking to build a solid athletic foundation and surpass their athletic potential.

Female Specific and Pre/Post-Natal

3Coaching, guidance and support for women who have “tried it all” and are ready to ditch the diet and grueling exercise mindset and finally learn to exercise and eat to enhance and invigorate their lives, build confidence and reach their body composition goals with a simple, sustainable approach.

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