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Train For Strength, Not Calories


I don’t workout to attain a certain number on the scale.
I don’t workout to punish myself for eating “bad”.
I don’t workout so that I can earn my food.
I don’t workout because I hate my body.
I don’t workout to burn a certain number of calories.

.…But I used to workout for ALL of those reasons. Constantly obsessing over “fixing my flaws” and being a slave to calories, scale numbers and my rigid 7-day gym schedule.  Suffice to say, my skewed idea of what attaining fitness meant left me miserable.

I also ended up really, really unhealthy (physically and mentally), weak, exhausted, constantly hungry, battling cravings, and spinning my wheels when my weight would yo-yo up and down.

Then I started lifting and became instantly hooked on getting stronger and using fitness as a tool to live a fuller life.  (Read more: Find Your Why)

Shifting my emphasis to what my body was capable of, and doing things that felt good and brought me joy, rather than focusing solely on how I looked, was life-changing. And I want nothing more than to guide other women how to do the same.



I workout so I can enjoy life to its fullest, outside of the gym.
I workout so that I can value my body for what it can DO, more than how it looks.
I workout so that I don’t injure my back, knees or hips doing simple daily tasks.
I workout so that I can be healthy and vibrant now, and in old age.
I workout because outer strength begets inner strength.
I workout so that I can be independent, physically capable, confident and unfuckwithable.

…And I encourage you to do the same. Taking a more empowering approach will always lead to the best results (and ones you can actually maintain), and the best version of yourself.  Approaching your journey as if you are in an all out war with your body..not so much.

Because nobody truly wins a war – and your body isn’t something you were born to set out and kill, destroy or lessen.  From birth you are intended to grow, improve and construct something greater out of yourself.

Your training is not limited to seeing how many calories hours of cardio can burn.  You have the right to be strong.

Working out for strength and a body that performs well is not only part of “the secret” for losing excess fat, sculpting sleek feminine curves, and getting healthy but it makes daily life outside of the gym so much easier, shapes our self-confidence and a more positive body image.  It also encourages you to approach your workouts with a sense of adventure and possibility.

Building a body that feels and looks good is awesome, but going about it in a way that positively nourishes all aspects of your life is way more effective, more motivating, and sustainable.

Learn from my past blunders – Take care of you, measure yourself in strength, not pounds or calories burned and use the gym to cultivate the best version of yourself.


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What are some of the reasons YOU workout? How do you stay motivated?

If you’re a woman who wants to transform her body and cultivate a sustainable, fit lifestyle without restriction, deprivation and hours in the gym , let’s chat!

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