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FREE WORKOUT FRIDAY: Outdoor Body Weight Workout


We all need to prioritize getting outside and PLAYING, as often as possible. Life is too short to take fitness, and ourselves, so damn seriously and be adulting 24/7.  Plus, finding enjoyment through movement is equally as important as structured training.

Besides, how often are you getting unfiltered sunlight?

My guess is not very often, especially in the fall and winter months that we are ever so briskly approaching (slow down, time!).

Less sunlight = less Vitamin D…and vitamin D is kind of a big deal.

Did you know the only 2 reliable sources of vitamin D are the sun and supplements?

It’s super difficult to get the recommend daily amount through food alone. However, just 20 minute of natural, unfiltered sun light a day can allow our bodies to create it. Pretty rad, right?

Unfortunately, those of us living in New England aren’t exposed to enough sunlight year-round and a lot of New Englanders have a D deficiency. Enter the winter blues and runny noses.

We used to believe Vitamin D was just important for our bones, but now we know that a deficiency can be responsible for a number of other health issues as well as symptoms that can significantly affect our quality of life – seasonal affective disorder, fatigue/low energy, joint pain, poor sleep, headaches, depression, muscle cramps and lowered immunity. All these things that can also adversely affect our waistlines and gym performance.

Basically, it’s up to us to make sure our vitamin D levels are optimal and to supplement accordingly.

I recommend supplementing with at least 2,000 IU daily, but it’s imperative that you have your blood levels checked to determine a deficiency and how much you need.

Below is the Vitamin D supplement I use, and my blood work can attest for its effectiveness and ability to boost D levels.  Bonus: You get a year’s supply in one bottle.

vitamin d

Today’s workout is the perfect excuse to get outside, play and D up, because if you’re like me you’re super intent on soaking up every last bit of these 20 days we have left of our warm, sunny summer season,


Outdoor Body Weight Conditioning Workout:

Walking lunges x 30 sec
Push up w/reach* x 30 sec
Lateral skater jumps x 30 sec
Bear crawl x 30 sec
Sprint x 40-50yds**

Complete 4 rounds with as little rest as possible.

*If you can’t perform push-ups just yet, you may perform a push-up position plank with reaches or mountain climbers instead.

**It’s best if you perform your sprints up a grassy hill.  If you have never performed sprints before, keep your effort at about 60-70%, as opposed to all-out effort.

You may also swap out sprints for Kettlebell swings x 30 sec, if you’d like.

(Need help with Bear Crawls? Read more about how to effectively perform them here: Crawl Your Way To A Better Body)

The goal of this conditioning sesh is to work as quickly and efficiently as possible (maintaining strong form) and since this is strictly a conditioning workout, its perfect to do in-between your lifting days to get your heart rate up, suck some wind and give your metabolism a vigorous boost.


I hope you’ll consider my advice and get your D up, play outside and get sweaty, because I want you to be your most vibrant, healthful self inside and out – fall, winter, spring and summer.

Have a FAB Friday, have fun, be safe and stay groovy.


Intelligently planned, effective conditioning is just a piece of a balanced strength and fitness program.  If you are looking for a fun, safe and completely individualized program to help you maximize your results, look and feel better, reach out – let’s chat!



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