Kb Swing



A total body workout that will make you a strong, lean, fat burning machine with just one piece of equipment and one exercise?

You totally call bullshit, right? I mean we’ve all been fed those sales pitches before.

Remember this guy and this thing?


And this?


But perform your first set of proper kettlebell swings and you’ll know.

Your butt and hamstrings will instantly be on fire.

Your lungs will ache (in a good way..).

Your heart rate will be revved.

Your core will tighten.

Your upper back will feel strong.

Your hips will unlock and flow.

And you’ll be hooked.


If boredom wasn’t an issue, I would also confidently say that you could perform only swings for the rest of your life and be in pretty decent shape compared to the majority of people.

The only other movement that bears comparison to the swing in terms of benefits is the deadlift, but that’s mostly because they’re of the same “hinge” movement category and the swing is basically an explosive deadlift.

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kb swing

There really aren’t many exercises that make the body work as hard as the swing does, while remaining low-impact, easy on the joints, and simultaneously building functional strength, improving endurance, burning fat, and mending common muscle imbalances.

Because the swing is a hinge, it overloads the glute and hamstring muscles. This is a vital benefit since most people, women especially, are quad and hip flexor dominant (the front side of their thighs and hips are stronger than the backside and butt).

Learning how to load and use your backside, as well as strengthening it can promote the natural balance between your anterior and posterior muscles that will help in averting knee and hip issues.

The Hinge

The Mighty Hip Hinge


Can You Swing It?

Today’s workout is a fat burning badass builder. Badass, in the sense of physical prowess and in the sense of “girl you look good, won’t you back that ass up”.

It will also turn your body into a fat burning furnace – but you’ve gotta earn it! It’s a tough one.  I’ve done it twice already, and it’s whooped me both times…but I can’t stop going back for more!


At the top of every minute perform 5 one arm swings per side, then immediately perform 10 two arm swings (preferably with a heavier bell).

Rest for the remainder of the minute and then repeat for a total of 10 minutes.

–> Demo Videos Below! <–

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Get It Right: The swing comes from your hips!

The most common mistake I see with those just learning the swing is that they attempt to use their arms to swing the bell up instead of driving and exploding from the hips.

When performing a swing, think of your hamstrings as a slingshot. You drive your hips backwards into your hinge (you should feel a stretch in your hamstrings) and then snap them forward to “sling” the bell up (note: squeeze your butt and quads as hard as you can).

The power from your lower body is what forces the kettlebell to swing. The only thing your arms and shoulders are doing on the way up is transferring that power from hips to kettlebell – not lifting it.



This is a terrible swing! If the handles of the bell are perpendicular towards the ground as such, you are using your arms and not your hips. The bell also shouldn’t swing as high as the middle picture until your hips are fully forward, and your back should not be rounded at any point.


When done correctly, the bell will “float” up to somewhere between the height of your bellybutton and shoulders.

However, on the way back down, you will use your arms and shoulders to actively pull the bell back down between your legs into another hinge, and repeat.


Please note, form is crucial and movements need to be performed safely and with integrity in order to be effective, especially with kettlebells.  So do make sure that you are confident in these movements before adding load to them or performing them quickly.

Before performing a 1-arm kettlebell swing, make sure your 2-arm swing is on point.  And before performing 2-arm swings, make sure you are able to safely deadlift.


I hope you have a fantastic Friday, and that you choose to get strong and sweaty today and have fun while doing so.

Let me know how you do!  Comment below or give me a shout on Instagram (tag @HurstStrengthCT), I’d love to see your pics/videos!

Have a fab weekend filled with plenty of laughs, sunshine and thrills!

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