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Bad Workout Success

What To Do When You Have A Crappy Workout


Have you ever had one of those workouts that leaves you curled up in the fetal positioning questioning your own existence? Or maybe wondering “what the heck is happening to me??” Every lift feels like an all out war with gravity or you feel like you’re running through quicksand and your body feels like it’s just given up. Of course […]

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Hurststrength 123

Indoor Cardio That Doesn’t Suck! (+6 FREE WORKOUTS)


If I could choose just one cardio modality to use for the rest of my life and to prescribe, it would definitely be hill sprints. Cranking up a hill at full throttle like a freakin’ gazelle is one of the most effective things you can do for both fat loss and conditioning, doesn’t require any equipment AND gets you outside, […]

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The One Movement You MUST Master: The Mighty Hip Hinge


One movement. To rule them all. Okay I’ve never actually seen Lord of the Rings, I just know the reference from Clerks 2… BUT, there really is one movement that does rule them all and that not one person can afford to skip in the gym. Whether your goal is to build a great physique, get really strong, or to […]

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