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Reader Question: How Does Strength Training Help Weight Loss?


  “How does strength training help you lose weight? I’ve always been told that it comes down to cardio and burning calories.”   When we workout, especially if we’re seeking fat loss and a change in body composition, we want to chase a hormonal effect from exercise rather than an amount of calories burned.  Our hormones run the show and […]

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Exercise Spotlight: Scapula Push Ups


When was the last time you thought about your shoulder blades? Gave ’em a little TLC? Moved ’em around a little bit? Do you even know where they are? Of course you do…but does your brain? (Photo Cred: Jessica Serra Huizenga) If you can’t make the mind-muscle connection to control your scapulae through their full range of motion, it can […]

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Fat Loss Is Okay.


My philosophy will always be deeply rooted in body embracement – feeling confident, worthy and whole in your current physicality. Health and fitness, to me, is not constant strict dieting, using exercise as a penance or tying your self-worth to a number of pounds and constantly feeling like you need to fix your body. And I do believe fitness is […]

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