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Mind Over Matter

Fitness Is Not A Punishment.


Please don’t buy into the cultural idea that “working out” is something miserable you’re obligated to white knuckle through solely because you are unhappy with your pants size. Exercise is not a punishment. Nor is it a begrudging burden. Or something that should be driven by guilt and shame. It’s not to be used to “work off” indulgences or castigate […]

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Bear Crawl Pic

Exercise Spotlight: Crawl Your Way To A Better Body


Whenever I hear Kanye say “You need to crawl before you ball”, I always just imagine he’s talking about bear crawls…because, you kind of do need to crawl before you ball. Am I right? Crawling, a seemingly elementary movement, is one of the best nourishments for your body and your brain and works magic for your strength, mobility, health and […]

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