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Squats *Shouldn’t* Hurt Your Knees (A QUICK HOW TO GUIDE!)


Squats are one the most fundamental and effective movements we can perform in the gym.  However, they are so often performed improperly or are wrongly blamed for causing knee pain. More often than not, it’s not squats that are causing knee pain, but the way the squat is being performed that is causing pain. So let’s break these suckers down […]

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FREE WORKOUT FRIDAY: Simple Strength Circuit!


One of the major tenets of my fitness philosophy revolves around the idea that more isn’t better – BETTER is better.  So spending more time working out isn’t necessarily more advantageous, especially if what you’re doing isn’t the most effective and efficient use of your time and resources. Plus, seriously, no one wants to live in the gym.  Not even […]

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