6 Training Principles for Women in Action Sports


There’s nothing that I love more than seeing women go out and grab life by the you-know-what, push the limits and defy the norm.  The increase of women’s participation in action sports has exploded over the past 20+ years and there has been a tremendous, liberating shift of women showing the world we can play hard, take a hit and get dirty too.

Over my life, I’ve dabbled in snowboarding, skateboarding, off-roading (truck and atv), rock-crawling and most recently, motocross.  Motocross is not only one of the most intense that I’ve tried, but it’s without a doubt the most physically demanding.  Strength and a higher level of conditioning are incredibly valuable assets when you’re required to manhandle a 200lb+ machine around a rough track for lap after lap.

Racing across often dramatic changes in elevation with wide throttle, over technical jumps and navigating rocks, ruts and often other riders requires a significant amount of strength, coordination, body awareness, quick reaction time and overall athleticism.


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