Client Spotlight: Rachel B!


I am completely bursting at the seams with love for every single one of my clients.  I am so incredibly lucky to be a part of all of their lives and for them to put so much faith and trust in me to allow me to do what I love every day.

With that said, I want to spot light clients who have put in a lot of consistency with their workouts, nutrition and overall lifestyles in and outside of the gym.

Really I just want to show them off to the world! And not only because they deserve recognition for their hard work, but also to help motivate others who may be doubting themselves or on the fence about starting a program.


Effort and perseverance are two huge keys to success in the gym and not many embody this principle as well as Rachel.  She’s living proof that lifting appreciable weight is not only fun and empowering, but it’s also the quickest and simplest way to drop body fat and build an awesome, shapely physique.


Rachel Before and After

Rachel has one of those work schedules that is exhausting just hearing about it – 6-7 days/week, 10 hour days, always on her feet, yet she still makes time to get to the gym any where from 2-4 days per week, even training on her own when she can’t make it to HS during open hours.

Rachel also just “gets it”:  that there is no secret or magic trick that would get her what she wanted, just plain old hard work. She came in with a total beginner’s mindset and a truly open mind to everything I taught her and totally hit the ground running (not literally) with it.

What separates Rachel from the herd is that she never let herself get comfortable and she never just “went through the motions” during her training sessions. She always asked questions looking for ways to improve, challenge herself and really level up.


Here’s what she had to say:

“I’ve been a member of Hurst Strength since late December. I never considered myself the kind of girl who cared much for fitness. I was thin enough, no rolls size 6, I was content. But after working with Erika for a week I knew I was hooked!!

My mind and body have done a complete turnaround since working with Erika. Before I began training, I couldn’t even pick up a water jug without struggling and in only 4 months I can not beleive I can deadlift well over 100 lbs! My body has never felt so strong or balanced in my life. I feel that I work together as a unit instead of over using one part of my body. She’s never made me do one crunch or sit up but I have a flat belly with little abs coming through. I was also nervous to start because I have some pretty gnarly back and hip issues but since really focusing on doing the proper lifts my back pain has greatly decreased!

Staying on top of her nutrition.

Staying on top of her nutrition.

I no longer have to dread wearing tight jeans because when I sit down I’ll have a roll. Beyond that I can feel and see muscles that I never even knew I had! And for the first time in my life I have an adorable little round butt instead of my old concave booty. People noticing and complimenting the difference makes me super proud!! She also has taught me to understand the value of real food and I enjoy doing my meal prep knowing I’m eating the best foods for me, but she also let’s me eat the foods I love! I was never much of a sleeper, however Erika helped me get to the route of the problem and find ways to totally unwind at night. Not only has my body made some pretty amazing changes but my mindset has a well!”

Going from being able to do 0 push ups, to a solid set of 10 in just a couple few months:

Rachel’s results came from 3 days of 1 hour full body strength training sessions each week, 1 day of conditioning when she had the time and energy, staying active when she could through hiking and walking and solid nutrition – focusing on mostly whole foods, but never restricting any of her favorite foods, like pizza.

Make sure to give Rachel a big high-five for all she’s achieved so far and watch out because this girl ain’t slowing down.


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