Do You Own Your Power?


We’ve all heard the phrase “With great power comes great responsibility.”

While this is true, what if we flipped it to: being fully responsible gives you power.

Being in your power means taking your situation, or your life, by the horns, steering it in the direction you want to go and understanding that you are fully responsible for you. It means you make decisions and choices with purpose, intent and deliberation and make sure that those intentions are in line with what will be of most benefit to you.

It’s when you consciously choose how to live your life, decide what you believe in, and become fully accountable for everything in your life. It’s when you choose your path and then ‘walk your talk’. Stepping into your own power is often challenging, but it’s also the heart of true freedom, success and living the most kick-ass life you can.

power1In my perspective, the opposite of being in your power is playing the victim. When you play the victim, you are powerless. You lose your confidence, your fortitude, and you are in state of negativity and ineffectiveness.

As a society, we are so quick to assign blame and pull out all the excuses as to why something did or did not happen. It’s always someone or something else’s fault.

Those who play the victim are constantly looking to blame external factors for their lack of success rather than holding themselves accountable. They perceive themselves as powerless, they see difficulties, slip ups or roadblocks as dead ends rather than learning experiences and opportunities for growth. They constantly complain rather than taking action to change their situation or perspective.

Every time you play the victim you give your power away and give the outside world control over you.

You also give your power away when you:

  • Neglect your own needs, physical and mental health and self-care
  • Eat mindlessly
  • Doubt yourself
  • Don’t take action towards what you want and settle for less
  • Try to make everyone happy and constantly seek the approval of others
  • Waste energy and stress on flaws, imperfections or things that are truly out of your control, like the past

When you own your power you:

  • Are confident and believe in yourself
  • Are able to say “No” to situations that don’t serve you, without explaining yourself or apologizing
  • Realize your endless potential and take action towards it
  • Let go of situations, thoughts or people that bring you down or aren’t in line with your goals
  • Appreciate your unique qualities and show up as your true, authentic self
  • You operate out of courage rather than fear

Life is way too short to give away your power, to not live how you want to live and manifest your wants. You have the power and the freedom to be real, to be successful and to be fulfilled – you just have to harness it.

No one is going to give it to you. You have to pull up your socks, get up and take it.

Adopt the attitude that “change begins with me”. Empower yourself with “I can” and “I will” statements, take an action step towards something you want to attain – no matter how small, or inconsequential that step may seem or how scared you are (it’s okay to fake your bravery). Notice what your reasons are for doing things – What are your motivations? In a given situation, are you making the victim choice or the power choice?

Say yes to you, don’t allow circumstances or other people to have over control you – own your power, exist in your truth and TRUST YOUR DOPENESS.



Being in you power is not just existing, but truly LIVING. This is a strong pillar of what it means to #WomanUP.

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