What can I expect in a session?
Each session starts with a 10-15 minute warm-up. This involves soft tissue quality work (you will be taught the purpose and proper technique of this) and addressing any asymmetries in the form of mobility restrictions, stability issues or muscular imbalances and help prepare your body for your workout. From there, we will move onto power development, strength and conditioning work. Each of these will be tailored around your goals – different goals require different styles of programming.
What other benefits can I expect from training at Hurst Strength?
Revved up metabolism to help you burn fat around the clock
Increased muscle to help shape your body
Increased energy – we guarantee you’ll leave every workout feeling better than when you walked in!
Reduced aches and pains
Increased physical AND mental strength
Increased confidence
Improved conditioning and endurance
Improved movement and real-world strength
More time and energy to enjoy your life outside of the gym
A better understanding of what works and what doesn’t for your body
Improved knowledge of nutrition, recovery, sleep and stress management
No more boring cardio sessions
How is Hurst Strength different from other gyms and personal training centers?

We couldn’t be more different! We are a private coaching facility open only to those who are highly dedicated, take their health and training seriously and who want to WIN. Most gyms and personal trainers have completely neglected the importance of what it means to truly be “fit.” At HS we combine old school, tried and true training methods with the most up to date research.

Most people also don’t understand that each person’s body is different – everyone’s alignment, posture, movement, injury/health history is unique. Therefore one size fits all does not work when it comes to exercising effectively and safely. The average fitness trainer does not thoroughly assess clients, lacks knowledge of good vs. poor movement and uses a “no pain no gain” attitude to beat their clients into the ground to make them “feel” like they got an effective workout – while their clients never really improve or progress.

At Hurst Strength, every single exercise in your program is there for a reason. We emphasize movement quality over quantity. We do not pride ourselves on beating clients up or making people tired or injured. We pride ourselves on making people better with intelligent programming, good movement and injury prevention.

What if I’m a beginner, do I need to get in shape before beginning?

Absolutely not, that’s what we’re here for! Hurst Strength caters to ALL ability levels and ages as long as you are willing to commit, give it 100% and will do what is expected of you to make progress. Beginners will start with foundational movements, usually using only their bodyweight, to develop body awareness, quality movement and technique.

I just had surgery/I have an injury, can I still become a client?

As long as you have clearance from your doctor, yes! All of our programs are individualized and tailored to each client.  We have plenty of experience working around a variety of injuries (lower back, knee, hip, foot and shoulder to name a few) and have helped many clients alleviate nagging aches and pains as well as improve the imbalances that may have led to injury in the first place.

What if I’m afraid to lift weights?

We ensure that our members build a solid movement base before progressing them to more advanced resistance training movements. We believe you have to learn to crawl before you learn to walk and its imperative to build a solid functional base for your body to perform at its best for the long-term.  We also believe that each client needs to “earn” the right to exercise at higher intensities and get under a barbell and needs to demonstrate the ability to move well and perform exercises with good technique and without any compensations before adding any kind of resistance.  For example, one most be able to demonstrate a well-executed push up before moving onto the bench press.

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