How the Fitness Industry Treats Women


Here we are smack dab in the middle of the holiday season, thousands of gyms all over the country will plea for you to come in and “Burn off your Thanksgiving calories” “Sweat off those Christmas cookies!” “Blast that belly fat” “Do our holiday cleanse!”

This is how the fitness industry talks to women.

Constantly playing into their insecurities and emotions, profiting off of making women feel bad about themselves, shameful and guilty.  The fitness industry makes women think they are not enough and that they need to be in a constant battle with their bodies to be less than they are.

Stand in any grocery store line and look at the magazine covers. It makes my stomach turn. Can you imagine all the women and young girls who feel like they’re “not enough”?

Would you ever tell your daughter she needs to get on the treadmill to burn off the dessert she just ate? Or that she should slim down her thighs if she wants to increase her self-esteem? I sure as heck hope you wouldn’t. So why do you let the fitness industry talk to you like that?

This doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with seeking fat loss. No not at all, that’s actually what I’m in the business of helping people do. I just take a different, healthier approach.

To the fitness industry, women are apparently a “special population”. They are apparently a different, delicate species and require completely different methods to being physically fit and in shape.

This is why women FLOCK to things like Zumba, Booty Ballet, Flirty Fitness, High Heel Yogalates, elliptical machines and whatever other latest trend comes along. Because they believe it’s what they’re supposed to do.

Nobody has ever shown these women what they are truly capable of.  Or taught them the importance of having strong, able bodies, healthy joints and resilient minds. That stuff doesn’t sell.

Constantly telling women they need to be burning off calories, firming this, blasting that, getting rid of this, is only playing into the belief that women are supposed to be physically and mentally weak.

And that’s something I will never stand behind.

Women can absolutely be strong AND fit, feminine and have the bodies they dream of….but not until they stop being told they have to be less. Not until they bring about a mental change and stop fighting and hating their bodies.  And certainly not until they believe they DESERVE to be stronger and better than all the garbage that’s out there.

Women do not have different muscles, bones or anything else that requires them to exercise differently from men.  Sure there are different considerations when coaching different genders, but I do not write training programs based around whether a client is male or female, I write them based on their personal needs and ability levels.

Unlike focusing on how many calories they’re burning each workout, strength training helps women set positive goals, which keeps them motivated, reaching their goals and always striving for more.

I have worked with countless women, showed them their true potential and I have yet to have one not get hooked on strength training, chasing performance and constantly seeing what they’re made of. The feedback of being able to keep up with their husbands doing yard work, being more independent, having more confidence in the workplace or being able to leave unhealthy relationships is amazing and motivating. The vibrancy these women start to display is contagious.

You can’t get that from Zumba or “Piloxing”.


*There’s nothing wrong with taking dance or fitness classes if you think they are fun, but if you are looking for a serious body composition change, your time is better spent prioritizing purposeful strength training, focusing on nutrition, sleep, stress management and adding in supplemental these are far more effective!

*Strength training will not make women bulky or “manly”..actually quite the opposite. It’s benefits for women are numerous and a blog post in themselves – it makes losing body fat and maintaining a desired leanness a lot easier, it promotes strong, healthy bones, prevents injury and makes life a lot easier – to name a few! It’s hard enough for men, who have the proper hormones, to get need to worry!

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