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FREE WORKOUT FRIDAY: Sweat Strong Body Weight Hotel Room Circuit


I hate packing.  I truly do. I’m rarely 100% successful in the endeavor.  On my most recent trip, I actually had to ship some stuff home because I couldn’t fit it all into my suitcase.  How bad is that?! I mean, I wear the same boring rotation of outfits when I’m home, but suddenly on vacation I’m worried that I’m going to need to wear everything in my closet.

However, one thing I don’t go crazy worrying about while traveling is making (or losing) any serious strength gains or epic progress.  BUT this doesn’t mean I go completely off the rails, I stay pretty true to my healthy intentions, indulging mindfully, staying active and keeping in line with the progress I’ve already worked so diligently for.

However, I don’t want to return from a trip feeling like I got hit by a steamroller, I want to feel invigorated and healthy, and exercise and nutrition play a huge part in facilitating that.

Whether or not you work out while traveling is totally up to you.

I prefer to do so because I always do. I move daily, traveling or not, because it makes me feel good, my body craves movement and it’s a habit that I’ve spent years cultivating.

Also because MOMENTUM.

If we can keep up our fitness momentum while traveling, we’re much more likely to get right back into the swing of our regular routines when we get home, since we won’t have any interruption in our workout schedule.

Being totally sedentary while traveling means we have to overcome that tough inertia of getting moving again when we get back home (you know what I’m talking about).  Not to mention all the stiffness, bloat and fatigue that come along with it.  Yuck.

When away from home, I prefer to do total body workouts that are super quick, efficient and fun, first thing in the AM.  I don’t worry about being my strongest or fastest, I just do my best with what I’ve got, get it done and carry on.

I advise doing them same (:

Today’s FWF fits that bill perfectly – it’s 4 exercises requiring zero equipment and minimal space, making it perfect to do inside a hotel room, on the beach or on your back deck in the sunshine. No gym required.


Sweat Strong Hotel Room Body Weight Circuit

No need to count sets for this circuit. Simply set your timer for anywhere from 10-20 minutes, rest when you need rest and try to get in as much work as possible within your set time frame.


A1) 1.5 rep squat x 8-12












Lower down into a squat, come halfway up, go back down and come all the way up. This is one rep.

A2) Push up x 6-10

















If these are too difficult, simply elevate your hands on something (like your hotel bed or a ledge).

If these are too easy, pause for a full second in the bottom position, or turn them into 1.5 reps like the squats.

Make sure your hair totally engulfs your head at the bottom too.


A3) Jump lunges x 6-10/side












Blurred for extra effects.

If jumping is not for you, or you haven’t mastered a regular lunge yet, simply substitute with alternating reverse lunges.


A4) Mountain climbers x 6-10/side























The intention with these is not to go as fast as possible, but to use control and challenge your core strength by not allowing your lower back or hips to move while pulling your knee as far as you can to your chest with a neutral spine.  Notice how in the pictures, my lower back position doesn’t look any different despite my legs moving.

Your core will scream when you do these correctly.


That’s it! Super simple, right? Don’t let that deceive you though, once you get crankin’ your heart rate will rev and butts will burn.

Let me know how you do –  Comment below or give me a shout on Instagram (tag @HurstStrengthCT), I’d love to see your pics/videos! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out (

Enjoy and have a strong, marvelous 4th of July weekend!


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