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Okay so I’m not using an actual TRX in these pictures, I’m using a “Jungle Gym” (the TRX we have at Hurst Strength is in a spot that isn’t easy to film), but a suspension trainer is a suspension trainer, am I right?? So use whatever kind you have available, rings work just fine too!

I love mixing suspension trainer exercises into workouts because they’re a great way to take body weight movements to the next level, but they’re also suitable and modifiable for both beginners and workout vets.

The workout below is a strength circuit, so it’s important that you stick to the prescribed rest periods and choose the reps that best suit your ability level.

After you finish your circuit, you’ll do a metabolic conditioning finisher. A “finisher” is something you do at the end of a strength session that cranks your heart rate up and makes you sweat and burn like a mother. In other words, it’s basically intense, challenging cardio done in a short period of time. Get ready to work 🙂

Note: You will need to adjust the height of the straps based on the exercise you are doing.

A1) Rear foot elevated split squat x 8-15/side


  • Keep 90% of your weight on the front foot (working leg)
  • Make sure your back knee stays under your hip (see right pic)
  • Avoid letting your knee on your working leg go past your toes

A2) 1-Arm Row x 8-15/side


  • This also doubles as a kick ass core exercise, if you work to resist rotating
  • Keep your glutes, core and quads engaged
  • Keep your chest up and squeeze your shoulder blade back as you row

A3) Glute bridge x 8-15


  • SQUEEEEEZE your glutes!
  • Start with your legs at 90 degrees and toes pointed up
  • Avoid arching your lower back

A4) Push up x 8-15


  • The more horizontal you get, the harder these will be
  • Keep your core engaged, think of these as a moving plank
  • Avoid going so deep that your shoulders go past your elbows

A5) Mountain Climber x 15/side


  • The intention with these is not to go as fast as possible, but to use control and challenge your core strength by not allowing your lower back or hips to move as you pull your knees in
  • Actively push your chest away from the floor as you do these

Go through A1-A5 resting 15-30s between exercises and 60s between rounds. Complete 3-5 rounds.

B1) Metabolic Conditioning Finisher:

Every minute on the minute perform 8-10 assisted jump lunges per side, resting the remainder of the minute, for 5-10 minutes total. Feel free to do these unassisted if you’re more advanced.


Make sure to always warm up prior to working out and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions (

If you crush this workout, I’d love to know – comment below or give me a shout on Instagram (tag @HurstStrengthCT), I’d love to see your pics/videos and see how you do!

I hope you have a fantastic Friday, and that you choose to get strong and sweaty today and have fun while doing so 🙂


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