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FREE WORKOUT FRIDAY: Lower body injury? No prob!


Injuries suck. I know this because I’ve had my fair share of ‘em, of all varieties.  Mostly outside of the gym.


I am high as a kite in this picture. And about 45 minutes away from ralphing up that diet ginger ale.

I go hard in the gym so that I can go hard in life outside of the gym. For me, doing this usually comes with occasionally belly flopping over handle bars, or taking them to the face, and accumulating some bumps and bruises.  So I accept injuries when they come.


But not once has an injury stopped me from getting a workout in. Not because I’m “hardcore”, but because being injured, or even just having a nagging pain, doesn’t mean you have to go stir crazy on the couch or lose any of your hard earned progress.

You can absolutely maintain your progress, and even continue to progress, when injured – if you plan your training properly and train smart.

Today’s full body workout is dedicated to training around a lower body injury, specifically of the knee or ankle.

The lower body movements in this circuit are hip dominant, as opposed to knee dominant, making them much less stressful to the knees.  They are also single leg movements, so they can be performed on solely the non-injured side, if needed.

They’ll also hammer your backside (glutes and hamstrings), which by strengthening can go a long way in preventing future lower body and lower back injuries.

..But you don’t have to be injured to do today’s workout! It’s extremely effective for full body strength, getting in badass shape and bulletproofing your body, injured or not.

**Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to speak to your physician prior to working out, especially if injured. Please get clearance from a physical therapist or similar medical professional before participating in any physical activity when injured. ALSO, working through pain is not heroic, it’s dumb. If something hurts, don’t do it.**


A1) Single leg romanian deadlift x 10-12/side

A2) Push up (modified if needed) x 10-12

A3) Single leg glute bridge x 10-12/side

A4) Chest supported row x 10-12

A5) Deadbug x 6-8/side

Complete 4-6 rounds of A1-A5, resting 15-30 seconds between each exercise and 60-90 seconds between rounds.


Single leg romanian deadlifts:

single leg deadRead how to do these in this post!

Elevated push up (with injured leg up!):

elev push up

If you haven’t mastered push ups off the floor just yet, simply elevate your hands on a bar or bench.

-The push up is a moving plank, so maintain a straight spine and engage your core

-Keep your elbows at 45 degree angles from your torso and pull your shoulder blades together while lowering to the bar

Single leg glute bridge:

1 leg bridge

-Pull your non-working leg to your chest to avoid using your lower back

-Drive through your opposite heel, squeeze your glutes hard

Chest supported row:

chest row

-Use a neutral grip (palms facing each other)

-Row your kettlebells or dumbbells towards your chest, squeezing your shoulder blades together and pulling your elbows towards your hips


dead bug

-Flatten your lower back to the ground, pull your ribcage down and engage your core

-Lower your opposite arm and leg to the ground without letting your lower back come off the ground

-Come back up and repeat on opposite side

Read more about performing ground based core exercises in this post!

So there you have it! An upper body push and pull, a core exercise and two lower body movements suited for most minor lower body injuries.

Always remember to warm up prior to training in order to prep your body for movement, reduce your risk of injury and improve your performance.

Let me know how you do –  Comment below or give me a shout on Instagram (tag @HurstStrengthCT), I’d love to see your pics/videos! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out (

I hope you have a fab weekend!


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