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FREE WORKOUT FRIDAY: Beginner Bodyweight Blaster


Happiest day-after-Thanksgiving to you, I hope you had a wonderful feast and time with loved ones yesterday!


If you missed my post about keeping your sanity and staying in line with your fitness goals to thrive through the holidays you can read it here!

As you venture out into the world today, I’m sure you’ll overhear many convos of people declaring the extra-long and hard workouts they’ll be doing to burn off yesterday’s feast, as they simultaneously rub their tummies.

I mean I get it, I used to be in that mindset too back when I dieted to extremes.

But now I understand that fitness is not a punishment.

If you only view fitness as an obligation, something you “have to” do, or a as a penance for overindulging, you will forever be falling off the wagon, or starting over again every January 1st, and will never experience the best version of yourself.

If you truly want to be fit, use exercise as a means to feel alive, to be MORE, not less.

Use it to fall in love with exploring what your body can do, seeing just how strong you can get, how fast you can run, how high you can jump and just how good your body is meant to feel.

Negative impulses, like using exercise as a punishment, may work for a little while, but they are never viable long-term motivators.

Choose to seek the positive things that movement has to offer you and you’ll be in it for the long-run.

So on that note, get sweaty today with this super simple beginner-friendly total body workout that you can literally do anywhere in just 10-20 minutes, with zero equipment.

Today’s focus is about getting your heart rate up, getting sweaty and getting metabolic. Which means it’s awesome for blasting fat and improving your conditioning.  I can also guarantee that you will feel really, really good when you are done.

So we won’t be putting a huge emphasis on building strength with this one, however, if you are a beginner to strength training, this circuit can absolutely help improve your strength levels.


Beginner Bodyweight Blaster

A1) Glute bridge x 10-15

A2) Push up x 10

A3) Reverse lunge x 10/side

A4) Bear crawl x 10 steps/side

A5) Jump squat x 10-15


Set a timer for whatever amount of time you have available (10, 15 or 20 minutes) and repeat A1-A5 in a circuit fashion, resting as little as possible in order to keep your heart rate up.

Complete as many rounds as you can in whichever amount of time you choose.


Glute bridge:

glute-bridgej-Drive through your heels and squeeze your butt to lift yourself up while making sure you don’t over-arch your lower back or let your ribs flare out.


Push up:

push-upj-Think of these as moving planks, so neutral spine, butt tight, chin tucked and actively pull yourself down to the ground under control.  If you are unable to do push ups off the floor, simply elevate your hands on a bench, table or stairs 🙂

Reverse lunge:

reve-lungej-Stay tall and keep the majority of your weight on the heel and middle of your front foot.  As you step back, keep both legs at 90 degree angles, making sure your front knee stays directly over your ankle.


Bear crawl:

bear-crawljRead all about these here! If bear crawls are too tough right now (it’s okay, these are challenging!), simply do a baby crawl instead – same thing as a bear crawl, just with your knees on the ground.


Jump squat:

jump-squatj-Make sure you land soft and that your knees stay apart rather than caving in as you land into your squats.  If you’re not quite ready for high impact movements like these yet, just do 10-15 regular squats.


Simple enough right?!

Always remember to warm up prior to training in order to prep your body for movement, reduce your risk of injury and improve your performance!

Let me know how you do –  Comment below or give me a shout on Instagram (tag @HurstStrengthCT), I’d love to see your pics/videos!

I hope you have a fab weekend filled with plenty of laughs, sunshine and thrills!


If you’re a woman who wants to look good, feel good, and be healthy and strong with a results-driven, sane and sustainable approach to fitness, contact for more info on your own individualized training and nutrition plan!


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