Why Hurst Strength?

Why Are These Wallingford Parents And Athletes Achieving Shocking Results And Transformations That You Aren’t Getting?


Chances are, you’ve trained at a commercial gym or fitness center before. The kind with rows of treadmills and cardio machines each with their own TV, dozens of shiny circuit machines, trendy fitness classes, lame music and apathetic people playing on their cell phones, reading magazines, socializing or just “going through the motions” and exercising mindlessly. These gyms basically ban hard work and promote a watered down idea of what it really means to be athletic and physically fit.

You’ve probably found yourself on this website because it’s pretty obvious to you that those gyms are not the ideal atmosphere for pushing your body and performance to the next level and you’re sick of the inconvenient crowds, the distractions and being scammed into annoying contracts.

You’re also probably tired of seeing zero results from not having proper guidance or accountability and following random/boring/monotonous workouts that pay no regards to your personal needs.

The majority of people just want to look better, feel better and improve their health – but oftentimes find themselves feeling worse, getting injured or just plain give up after getting less than par results from following programs that just aren’t well-suited for their needs or that promote “no pain no gain” philosophies.

At Hurst Strength we put an end to mindless exercise …. Once our members realize that there’s more out there than what typical fitness programs have to offer, they never turn back.

Our unique training programs are well-rounded and programmed to progressively get you results– every exercise, every rep, every second of your time in the gym has a PURPOSE and is focused on the long-term, not just what you do today.


Training with integrity and a set purpose separates you from the herd, it ensures you SURPASS your potential, helps you succeed, increases your confidence and makes you BETTER.

At Hurst Strength there is no random “workout of the day”, no senseless “metabolic” workouts or endless cardio. Your time is valuable and we want you to get the most out of it.

Our systemized approach to delivering the most effective training programs to each client starts with a thorough assessment because we understand that each person is different – in their structure, the way they move, health and injury history, lifestyle and goals.

Our movement screen assessment helps us identify any muscular imbalances, weaknesses and limitations you may have that could hold you back. This assessment help us to choose the most effective exercises for YOU in order to get the fastest results while preventing injury and plateaus, eliminating nagging aches and pains and building on your strengths to make sure you are constantly progressing and working at the peak of your fitness abilities.

At Hurst Strength, you’ll find top of the line coaching, support and the proven most effective training methods, nutritional support and a great community of like-minded people.

What really separates us from other facilities is our semi-private training model. What this means is that our sessions are done in a small group setting with a 1:4 coach to client ratio. All clients are still following their own personal programs, working at their own pace and receiving the same personal coaching as a one-on-one session, but with the added benefit of increased energy, accountability and motivation from fellow members.

This helps to keep monthly costs more affordable compared to one on one training while making workouts more fun and motivating therefore skyrocketing your results.


Our programs are for all ability levels from high school athletes to weekend warriors and are built to improve overall athleticism. You don’t have to already be in shape to join the gym, but you do need to be serious about working hard, staying committed and having fun while getting results.

You want to see and feel results and you want to stop being confused about what to do to take your body and performance to the next level with sustainable, lifelong results.

So if you’re ready to stop exercising mindlessly and start training with a purpose sign up for your free week trial at Hurst Strength by entering your name and email address in the box on the side of this page. Expect a response within 12 hours so we can schedule you in immediately for your free assessment, consultation and trial program to jumpstart your results. You won’t be disappointed!

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