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Monday Motivation: Life Is Not In The Way


How many times have you experienced this ever-so-familiar scenario?:

You start out your Monday STRONG – You nail your workout, you went to bed early last night, got 8 hours of sleep, you have your breakfast, lunch and snacks prepped to take with you for the day – each meal is on point nutritionally and everything goes according to plan.  You basically made Monday your bitch.

Right on.

Then Tuesday happens. You were up half the night with a sick toddler, you forgot to pack your lunch and don’t have any food prepped, your boss asked you to stay late at work (so you missed your workout), and you were so stressed and tired you resorted to Ben and Jerry’s for dinner because you weren’t up to prepping anything healthy. were off to such a kick ass start until “life got in the way”.

But life didn’t get in the way. Life is always there and when we fall victim to the belief that every single aspect of our daily lives has to be totally perfect in order for us to be successful, that’s when we get in trouble.

Consistency is without a doubt the “secret” to being successful with our fitness, nutrition and wellness endeavors, but, we often get caught up in thinking consistency means doing everything *perfectly*, over a significant chunk of time.

Besides the fact that perfection doesn’t really exist, true consistency is more-so the ability to simply go with the flow and adapt to still live in line with our healthy intents despite obstacles or hurdles popping up and trying to give us a run for our money.  Consistency is not allowing those obstacles to knock us off our feet, or convince us to give up.

We don’t need to be perfect and faultless (or aspire to be either), we just need to have the courage and ability to manage life’s inconveniences and adapt our plan of action when they happen:

-A modified 10 minute workout in your living room (or gym) is better than skipping your workout completely when life gets extra busy.

-Forgot your lunch? That’s okay, if you’re eating out, just do your best. Order extra servings of veggies and build your meal around lean protein. Don’t be afraid to ask your server to modify menu choices for you!

-Keep protein-dense snacks (protein powder you can mix with water, jerky, or bars like Quest or Oatmega brands) in your desk at work to avoid hitting the candy jar or donut box when that nasty 3pm dip hits.  Keep some in your car too, as this can help “hold your over” until dinner and prevent night time overeating if you get stuck in a traffic jam and find yourself ravenous.

-Prep an easy to-go breakfast (like a super-shake or frittata) to save time in the AM.  If you want a shake in the morning, simply prep all your dry ingredients the night before so you can easily toss them in the blender with your wet ingredients in the morning.

-Keep a spare set of gym clothes and sneakers in your car in case you forget to pack yours in the AM.  Being prepared ahead of time, just in case, is a lifesaver.

-Take a walk on your lunch break to get some extra movement for the day, in case you really do have to miss your workout later.

-Buy pre-packaged, pre-cut, pre-washed and/or frozen veggies to make meal prep easier and save time. Focus on simple meals and ingredients.  (I’m a frozen veggie lady myself!)  You can also keep some frozen leftovers (or Strong Kitchen meals) in your freezer for times when you don’t have anything else on hand.

You get the idea. Do what you can to set yourself up for success and make everything as easy on yourself as possible.  Instead of seeking perfection in your daily routine, seek malleability and the ability to “flow” with life’s ups and downs.

Don’t be one of those “life got in the way” people.  Get in life’s way and happen to life rather than letting life happen to you.  You’re powerful enough to do so.

Consistency is simply doing your best each day, accepting and knowing that your best isn’t going to look the same every day, because LIFE.  Trust that staying consistent through it all will bear so much more of an impact on your success than trying to be perfect every will be (:


Over and out Monday!



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