Sayonara Diets! Online Nutrition Coaching Starting June 30th!


Diets SUCK.

No, really, they literally suck the life out of you.

They leave you lifeless, drained and hungry and make you feel like a total failure if you don’t follow them perfectly.  On top of that, the “diet” industry is built upon constantly making you feel like you’re not enough and driving you deep into self-loathing so that you’ll buy into their miracle product or method.

Well, you are already enough and you do have all the power in you to transform, mold and appreciate your body and live life to the fullest right now without being a slave to food and diets. You just need a little guidance!


How does the program work?

Over the course of the 6 weeks you’ll receive a series of progressive, sustainable nutrition habits to implement daily as well as weekly lessons/mindset exercises to help you build the skills needed to consistently make better food choices, cultivate a healthy relationship with food, learn to let go of guilt and trust your body instead of fighting against it.

For each day you complete your habit, you will receive points. There will also be several “extra credit” activities that you can practice daily to earn extra points.  Whoever has accumulated the highest number of points at the end of 6 weeks will win. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

You will have 24/7 email access to me, as your coach for help, motivation and extra guidance. You’ll also have private access to our coaching group to communicate with other members of the program whom you cam bond with, share your struggles and successes, ask questions and receive additional, exclusive content.

What the program is not:

This is not a weight loss competition, diet plan or quick fix. Our focus will actually be more on INCLUSION rather than deprivation or restriction – what you can ADD to your life to be lean and healthy. There will be no off-limit foods, no counting calories or measuring food, it’s not an “off” or “on” plan deal..and it’s not too good to be true.

You will not receive a meal or diet plan, but you will learn, with the guidance of the program and me as your coach (Erika), how to eat intuitively and discover which foods work best for your body, how much of them to eat and when to eat them..based on what’s best for you.  Meal plans just aren’t sustainable –  they’re strict, stressful and make you feel like a failure if you slip. Who wants to feel like they’re “on” or “off” the wagon or that they have to chase perfection to get results?

Building sustainable habits and skills and learning what your body needs is a much better, more effective approach.  And you’ll be coached with tons of support the whole way!


You will receive your first nutrition based habit on June 30th, 2014.  The deadline to register is June 21. Because I want to make sure everyone receives my best attention throughout the program, coaching spots will be limited and on a first come first serve basis!

However, starting the 23rd we will kick off with a preparation habit as well as some exercises through the week to help ease you into being a a “transformer” and get you ready for the following 5 weeks.


If you’ve ever uttered the phrase “I can’t eat that”, because of a diet…

The program is open to EVERYONE, you do not need to be a member of Hurst Strength to join, although having access to quality exercise programming and coaching is a fundamental part of the process and the two go hand-in-hand towards building your inner and outer strength.

Overall, it’s for anyone who’s sick of conflicting nutrition information, strict diet rules, “eat this, not that” or who has struggled in the past with diet plans, OCD eating habits or maintaining fat loss.  Whether you’re a beginner or already have a solid base of nutrition knowledge, don’t have much weight to lose or want to completely reshape your body or just want to get a handle on your relationship with food, this program will benefit you.

What is the cost to enter?

The entry fee is just $55! That’s less than $10/week.

(You will also need a notebook to keep on your own, the “TwoGrand” app for your phone and the ability to e-mail pictures).

What are the prizes?

Winners are determined by habit completion. Whoever consistently completes their habits and accumulates the most points, will win.

First place wins a free month of programming, coaching and training at Hurst Strength, second place wins 50% off one month and third place will win a $25 gift card TBD.

However, the ultimate prize is the power and knowledge to trust your body and achieve life-long leanness and the utmost expression of yourself.

How is this different from other nutrition programs?

We will make the process of losing fat and creating an optimal lifestyle easier, more enjoyable, effective and sustainable than you ever thought possible.

Instead of being given a cookie-cutter plan and a list of rules, you will learn how to eat mindfully, be in tune with your body and the signals it sends you, invigorate yourself with food and completely let go of food related guilt.  The skills you will gain in the process will teach you how to do this for life and never have to worry about being “on” or “off” a plan or diet.

We’ll also get below the surface and tap into your conscious and subconscious, helping you change your nutritional outlook, overall mindset to improve your confidence, self-worth and help you stop stressing over the small stuff.  Without acknowledging the mental side of things, sustainability for life past the program is near impossible!

It’s been my personal mission to help women and men liberate themselves from all the B.S. the diet/fitness industry throws at us to constantly make us feel like we’re not enough or ashamed we’re not “perfect”.

That’s why I’m pretty pumped for this to start..Let’s ditch the negativity and “hating yourself thin” and learn the right ways to build the body and lifestyle you want and improve your self-worth.

My goal for these 6 weeks is to help you on the path to achieving and maintaining the body and lifestyle you desire and for you to finish the coaching program successfully with the confidence to live a full, authentic, healthy life! I look forward to hearing from you, guiding you and supporting you!

-Erika Hurst (


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