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Hurst Strength is a “no-nonsense” private gym and strength and conditioning facility dedicated to working hard and SMART to help you achieve a leaner, stronger, healthier and more athletic body – no matter what your age or ability level.

Our unique training programs are well-rounded and programmed to progressively get you results – every exercise, every rep, every second of your time in the gym has a PURPOSE and is focused on the long-term, not just what you do today.

At Hurst Strength, you’ll find top of the line coaching, support and the proven most effective training methods, nutritional guidance and a great community of like-minded people.

We’d love for you to become part of our Hurst Strength family and not only reach your goals, but surpass them.

Programs and Services Overview

This is our main training service. Semi-private training involves individualized coaching and programming services in a small coach to client ratio setting. Training in a small group setting still provides you with the essential coaching, customized program and personal feel of a one-on-one session, but you will also receive the benefits of training in a more energetic atmosphere with individuals who are just as motivated and hard-working as you are, helping to accelerate your progress. Each client receives a complimentary consultation and movement assessment which pinpoints any physical limitations or weak links (in regards to mobility, stability, and/or movement patterns) which may increase risk of injury and limit performance. Our assessment also helps us choose the most effective exercises and methods for you to reach your goal as quickly and efficiently as possible. Programs run in 4-6 week phases and cover all of your individual mobility, flexibility, strength, power and conditioning needs.

Restorative Yoga w/Tori: Mondays at 7:30pm


An hour long practice that moves you into restorative postures that support you as you let go of tension and stress and cultivate an internal meditative experience while stretching and recharging the body.  Leave feeling open and refreshed. $60 for 8 classes or $15 to drop in.  

Lionheart Conditioning: Saturdays at 8:00am

battleropes No more wasting time with another boot camp class or long, boring cardio session that won’t get you the kind of results you want. Our conditioning classes are fun, efficient and designed to jack your metabolism through the roof, dramatically improve your conditioning levels and strip body fat like nobody’s business.  Classes are 45-60min including dynamic warm up and cool down. Group is capped at 8 participants, please call ahead to register. $55 for one month or $15 to drop in.  
Hurst Strength sports performance programs for dedicated athletes of all ages and levels looking to build a solid athletic foundation and surpass their athletic potential. kayla_latdecel Our individualized programs focus on proper strength training, explosive power development, speed, energy systems conditioning, mobility, flexibility, injury reduction and education on nutrition and proper recovery to optimize performance. Each athlete is given a thorough, mandatory evaluation to pinpoint individual strengths, weaknesses and asymmetries that can increase risk of injury and act as roadblocks to performance. *Large group rates available.
The number one factor that holds people back from reaching their body and performance goals is nutrition. A solid nutrition plan can drastically change your body, health and wellness, while improving your recovery, mood and energy. Let's be honest, diets suck. They're stressful, miserable and restrictive, can lead to disordered behaviors and don't teach us how to listen to our bodies.  Overall, they are not sustainable long-term.  Our nutrition coaching service is a lifestyle approach program to help you implement healthy life-long habits and skills that will allow you to build the body you want and break the diet mentality for good while showing you just how good your body is meant to feel. We will work together to create the right approach specific to your lifestyle and your goals - whether they are fat loss, performance or muscle gain oriented. Certified through Precision Nutrition. PN-certified-coach-logo  
With so much conflicting fitness and nutrition information out there, it's not hard to understand why women are so confused about finding which strategies work best for them. Women usually "try it all" and often at the cost of their health and sanity. kb swing This is why it's so important for you, as a woman to seek out the right coach who can provide you guidance, teach you rather than restrict you, empower you rather than fatigue you, show you what you're truly capable of and give you confidence.  Reaching your body composition goals is more than just improving fitness and nutrition, there is also an integral mindset and lifestyle element that needs to be approached as well. Contrary to belief, fat loss shouldn't be miserable. It should not equate to constant hunger, deprivation, bland meals and long, grueling workouts. You CAN lose fat and build an awesome body while enhancing your life and living it to the fullest. hsgirls (2) It's Time To Stop:
  • Counting every calorie
  • Believing “eat less, exercise more”
  • Restrictive dieting
  • Running yourself into the ground with excessive cardio and exercise
  • Focusing on the dreaded scale to measure progress and self-worth
  • Chasing fatigue in your workouts and spending hours at the gym
  • Constantly fighting against your body
And Start:
  • Eating to nourish and energize your body and taste buds while still building the body you desire
  • Exercising to build strength, confidence and a body that looks and feels powerful
  • Regaining your sanity, health and life
  • Enjoying food and indulging when you want to
  • Feeling invigorated after working out, rather than exhausted
  • Enhancing your life with exercise and nutrition
  • Loving yourself, your body and what it's capable of
It's not too good to be true, the women of Hurst Strength are living proof that it is possible to live a simple, healthy and sustainable fat-loss lifestyle - without dieting, without working out everyday and without slaving away at cardio. As a woman, I understand that true strength comes from the mind, not just the body and I understand the support, motivation and mindset changes women need to discover how to love their bodies, unleash their full potential and achieve lasting results.  
There is a great responsibility that comes with training pre/post-natal women in a safe, effective way as these women need very specific care. prenatal Designed to help make moms-to-be strong and fit in order to support the changes and challenges during pregnancy. These purposefully programmed workouts will help decrease the common aches, pains and energy dips of pregnancy, keep posture in optimal alignment and offer a variety of benefits for mom and baby pre- and post- partum.  Keep your body strong, stable and as comfortable as possible through pregnancy and reach D-day feeling strong, mobile, and physically up for the effort that labor will require!
Prices for semi-private personal training range from $20-$40 per hour session and YOU choose how many days per week you want to train each month. Everything is billed monthly and we accept cash, checks and credit cards.    

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**10% discount for all military, police, fire and EMT personnel.