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FREE WORKOUT FRIDAY: Simple Strength Circuit!


One of the major tenets of my fitness philosophy revolves around the idea that more isn’t better – BETTER is better.  So spending more time working out isn’t necessarily more advantageous, especially if what you’re doing isn’t the most effective and efficient use of your time and resources.

Plus, seriously, no one wants to live in the gym.  Not even me.

Sometimes all you need is 15 minutes and a couple weights to get in a challenging and devastatingly potent workout, though.   And sometimes all we have is 15 minutes.

So when time is of the essence, fat loss is the goal and you want to fit in a super effective total-body training session, metabolic resistance training (MRT) is the most powerful training tool in your arsenal.

MRT is heart-pumping, sweat-inducing and EASILY one of the best strategies for building a lean body, torching fat, and improving overall fitness… all at once. It’s basically lifting weights (or performing body weight movements) quickly, with strict/short rest periods.

It’s been proven over and over again that short, intense bouts of exercise are far more effective for burning fat and sculpting your body than long, trudging bouts of moderate-intensity exercises.










There are numerous ways to structure an MRT sesh, but for today’s workout, we’re gonna get sweaty and strong with five hugely* bang for your buck movements: an upper body push and pull, a knee dominant lower body movement, and two hip dominant lower body movements.

In other words, we’re going to train every muscle in our bodies through movement patterns that mimic how we move our bodies in real life outside of the gym.

The workout below will also help shape athletic, powerful legs, a core of steel and sleek, shapely arms all while burning fat and revving your metabolism. It will also challenge your stability, strength, and cardio, allowing you to simultaneously build muscle, get lean and move better!

*WTF kind of word is hugely, though?


Strong in 15:

Set your timer for 15 minutes (or up to 30 minutes, if you’d like) and get ready to hustle! Rest 15-30 seconds between each exercise and 60-90 seconds between rounds.

Choose weights that are challenging, but also allow you to complete your entire workout with good form.


Romanian deadlift x 8-10:














Push up  x 8-10

(hands elevated on a bench or bar if you haven’t mastered them off the floor yet)














Goblet alternating reverse lunge x 8-10/side










Bent over row x 8-10










Kettlebell Swing x 10

Remember that with kettlebell swings, our goal is to develop hip power and strength in our butts and hamstrings. So we want to make sure our hips snapping forward is what propels the bell forward when we stand up and not our arms.

Swings are tough to master, so give yourself plenty time and practice to nail them 🙂




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Always remember to warm up prior to training in order to prep your body for movement, reduce your risk of injury and improve your performance!

Let me know how you do with your workout –  Comment below or give me a shout on Instagram (tag @HurstStrengthCT), I’d love to see your pics/videos!

I hope you have a fab weekend filled with plenty of belly laughs, sunshine and thrills!


xo Erika

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