I'm marveled that after years of suffering from low back pain, I made it through this entire pregnancy PAIN FREE!

natalie trap bar “(Erika’s) knowledge, willingness to research safety and pregnancy fitness and and work with us through the process made all the difference. Most important, (she) never treated pregnancy like a disability, but rather, a necessary opportunity to be even stronger. I hope that together, we broke stereotypes about what a healthy pregnancy really encompasses. I’m marveled that after years of suffering from low back pain, I made it through this entire pregnancy PAIN FREE!

I look forward to our postpartum journey as well. And there is no other trainer who I could have imagined sharing this journey with. (Erika) is truly an inspiration and strength motivator!”

-Natalie S. (Who trained right up to 6 days before her due date!)



My mind and body have done a complete turnaround since working with Erika. She’s never made me do one crunch or sit up but I have a flat belly with little abs coming through!

beforeafter“I’ve been a member of Hurst Strength since late December. I never considered myself the kind of girl who cared much for fitness. I was thin enough, no rolls size 6, I was content. But after working with Erika for a week I knew I was hooked!!

My mind and body have done a complete turnaround since working with Erika. Before I began training, I couldn’t even pick up a water jug without struggling and in only 4 months I can not beleive I can deadlift well over 100 lbs! My body has never felt so strong or balanced in my life. I feel that I work together as a unit instead of over using one part of my body. She’s never made me do one crunch or sit up but I have a flat belly with little abs coming through. I was also nervous to start because I have some pretty gnarly back and hip issues but since really focusing on doing the proper lifts my back pain has greatly decreased!

I no longer have to dread wearing tight jeans because when I sit down I’ll have a roll. Beyond that I can feel and see muscles that I never even knew I had! And for the first time in my life I have an adorable little round butt instead of my old concave booty. People noticing and complimenting the difference makes me super proud!! She also has taught me to understand the value of real food and I enjoy doing my meal prep knowing I’m eating the best foods for me, but she also let’s me eat the foods I love! I was never much of a sleeper, however Erika helped me get to the route of the problem and find ways to totally unwind at night. Not only has my body made some pretty amazing changes but my mindset has a well!”

-Rachel B.


I’ve Been Seeing Erika For Just A Little Over A Month…I See Better Results Than The Three Months I Had Been Toiling Away At The Gym

Hurst-Strength-Testimonial-IzzyI’ve been seeing Erika for just a little over a month now, and I can already say I see better results than the three months I had been toiling away at the gym. I have better dexterity in my hands, sleep better, and have overall a happier outlook since working out at Hurst Strength.

Erika works closely with you, making sure your form is right and also challenging you when you need it. I think this is why her system works so well. I can’t discredit working out alone at a gym, because you will see results, but having someone there to guide you through your workout helps speed up that process.

I recommend her to anyone and everyone!

-Izzy R.

Izzy also participated in our 30 Day Nutrition and Performance challenge and shed 6″ in 4 weeks.

“The HS30 really opened my eyes from the whole ‘1200 calories per day’ routine and allowed me to actually enjoy what I eat!”

My body doesn't feel the aches and pains it did before, my skin has cleared, and my measurements have decreased all in 4 weeks.

deadlift200“The HS30 Nutrition Challenge was actually enjoyable to participate in (most diets/nutrition changes aren’t so you can see why this would be a big deal). I was able to implement each task Erika gave us on a weekly basis and turn it into a habit. I thought for sure that when the challenge ended I would want to binge on any delicious comfort food item just because I can. However, I have no real need to. Now, every time I sit down to cook/eat these thoughts go through my head: “what does my body need?” “Is this a training day or a recovery day?” “What is going to help me feel 100%” and that’s what Erika’s challenge did for me. My body doesn’t feel the aches and pains it did before, my skin has cleared, and my measurements have decreased all in 4 weeks. Not only that but I’ve been continuing the habits without even thinking about them.”

– Catherine, long-term client and HS30 Winner

I’ve Found Erika To Be A Wealth Of Information And A Passionate Coach

Hurst-Strength-Testimonial-HaroldErika and I first met on the internet through our websites. We were both training hard and connected because we were writing about our passion. We began exchanging ideas and training strategies, and I’ve found her to be a wealth of information and a passionate coach. Her ability to meet psychology and physiology needs is a gift; she meets clients where they are and always provides appropriate suggestions.

While I enjoy working with her as a coach, I appreciate her friendship and our ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

-Harold Gibbons

She Is One Of The Most Caring And Passionate Trainers I Have Ever Met

Hurst-Strength-Testimonial-JulietI’ve known Erika for a few years now, watching her grow as both a trainer and an individual. She is one of the most caring and passionate trainers I have ever met and truly desires to bring out the best in all of her clients, working whatever hours require her to do so without batting an eye. Recently, I had her write me a program – I am so glad I did!

She took the time to assess my quality of movement, as she does with all her clients, seeing where I may be limited or could use improvement. The program she wrote for me was not only one of the most enjoyable programs I have ever followed, but also brought up all of my lifts. I highly recommend Erika’s services to trainees of all levels who are looking for anything from strength gains and improved performance to fat loss and a better quality of life.

-Juliet G.

In 5 weeks I’ve lost a total of 8 inches

Hurst-Strenght-Testimonial-MindyIf you haven’t visited her yet, you must meet and work out with Erika…in 5 weeks I’ve lost a total of 8 inches. Twice a week is not a lot of time out of my life to get strong and healthy.



I Greatly Respect And Appreciate Erika Hurst. She Has Changed The Way I Look At Fitness And Nutrition, And She Has Helped Me Realize My Fitness Potential.

Hurst-Strength-Testimonial-JessicaBefore I started training with Erika, I was stuck in a long-standing plateau, continuously losing and regaining the same pound. I engaged in one or two forms of cardio exercise, mostly logging miles and miles of walking with some light jogging mixed in, yet seeing little progress. I was struggling physically while also dealing with some difficult emotional challenges. I have learned recently that sometimes in life things fall apart before they fall together. Thankfully, I met Erika, and I feel blessed that I was able to make a drastic change with her help.

Erika is an amazing trainer that has it all. She builds programs that are designed for you – building upon strengths while targeting and improving your weaknesses.

From our first initial assessment, she designed a program for me that gradually became more challenging and rigorous and that has pushed me out of my comfort zone. She is very positive and encouraging and makes modifications immediately. When struggling through certain exercises, I would change a foot position or try a new stance based on Erika’s suggestions, and instantly, I would be able to perform the exercise more fully. She clearly understands the functions of the body, and she is extremely knowledgeable and well-read.
On the nutritional side, Erika has been an amazing coach and has provided me with the accountability that I have needed. She checks my food diary, discusses new foods to try, and shares recipes. Her feedback is timely and helpful. From working with her, I have learned more about creatively preparing healthy and nutritious food.

I greatly respect and appreciate Erika Hurst. She has changed the way I look at fitness and nutrition, and she has helped me realize my fitness potential. In the last three months, I have made awesome progress in body changes and endurance, and I thank Erika for coaching and encouraging me the whole time. While all of this is important, an even greater impact has been in my emotional and mental health. I am more focused in my work, and my outlook and attitude is more positive and joyful in all areas of my life. These changes are all a testament to Erika’s holistic approach to personal training, and I look forward to progressing even further and achieving all of my goals with Erika’s training and support.

-Jessica F.

Can Squat 100Lbs More Than When He Started…All Just Months

Hurst-Strength-Testimonial-JayTraining just twice a week over the summer, he packed on 10+ inches overall on his legs and arms while losing 5 inches around his waist and hips, has drastically improved his posture and flexibility, can squat over 100lbs more than when he started and doubled the number of pull ups he can do.

All just months after breaking his arm.


Two weeks working with Erika and she has given me more flexibility than six months of physical therapy even came close to.

[She’s] found a way to make workouts fun while achieving goals.stevesled

-Steve C.