Time To Woman Up.


Most women are totally unaware that harnessing their strength can earn them the lean, vibrant bodies they desire and an indestructible mental fortitude that will benefit them far beyond the gym.

The idea that men and women should train differently is pretty preposterous, but women unquestionably approach exercise with different cultural, sociological and psychological motivations.

Most women have been lead to assume all their lives that they can’t be physically and mentally strong. They live an existence of self-loathing because they’ve been heavily influenced by dramatically false photoshopped images, girly fitness mags that treat them like weaklings, and an industry that constantly tells them they should forever be toning, fixing and punishing their bodies.

In this guest post I wrote for, I lay out a step by step guide on how women can harness their inner and outer strength, filter through the nonsense and in turn incite some really meaningful, lasting changes in their lives and bodies.



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