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Two Things I Learned on the Diet Rollercoaster.


Diets have a 95% failure rate.

NINETY-FIVE percent. Would you trust any other “product” that would only work 5% of the time?

No, that would be crazy, right? But I get it..

I rode the ups and downs of the diet roller coaster for YEARS.

I know exactly what it’s like to wake up feeling like I need to “start over”, filled with guilt and shame after losing control because one cookie lead to an entire bag and half a jar of peanut butter the night before.

I know what it’s like to feel like the only way I could “fix myself” was to control and restrict my food more.

What I didn’t know during those times was that my attempts to control my eating so that it could stop controlling my life were instead controlling me MORE.

The methods and fads that the diet industry promised would bring me health, happiness and a bangin’ bod just left me with handfuls of failed attempts and feeling worse than when I started.

But along the way I learned two of the most impactful things that have completely changed my life, have shaped my current approach to nutrition and be able to help every single woman I’ve coached break free from being just another diet statistic:

1- Following fad diets, rigid meal plans and chasing perfection with our eating, does nothing but set us up for failure. The more we try and control, the more it controls us. If you follow a rigid diet that doesn’t allow the foods you love, you will be miserable, resentful and won’t be able to sustain it.

The more we label foods “off limits” the more tempting they become.  We start to develop a scarcity mindset around those foods and when we finally do allow ourselves to consume them we eat ’em like we’ll never get to have them ever again.  You know what I’m talking about.

Instead choose to follow, simple, flexible nutrition guidelines that include mindful indulgences of your favorite not-so-healthy foods.  This allows for consistency.

The myth that being healthy means never eating “fun” food ever again needs to eff off. You can stay strong, lean, and healthy while still enjoying the occasional night out, glass of wine or Friday night pizza.

2- Any effort that is motivated by self-loathing, “I hate my body”, or the need to “fix our flaws” (basically the message most of the diet/fitness industry shoves down our throats) will not be viable long term. If motivation is not coming from a place of self-worth, love and wanting to truly take care of your body, you will never feel satisfied with your results.

And no, loving and accepting yourself doesn’t mean you give up or never want to change.  It means you deem yourself worthy of deserving to become the best version of you, and you do it from a place of love instead of self-hate.

Trust me, if you can’t dig yourself at a size 16, you won’t dig yourself at a size 2.  You can’t diet away negative self-talk and criticism.

(Read more about finding positive motivation HERE)


So I learned it the hard way, dieting sucks.  Most diets and one-size-fits-all meal plans are overly restrictive and consequently unsustainable because not only do they make us miserable, but they fail to adapt to our unique lifestyles.

They also have zero flexibility and neglect to teach us the tools and habits we need to navigate our way around life’s curveballs.

(Read more about “life getting in the way” HERE)

Most popular diets are designed to be temporary anyways.  And from the way I see it, the way we eat if we want to have a lean, strong, healthy body for life, should never be temporary.

Lasting body transformations don’t come from dieting.

True transformations come from learning how to make eating for the body and vibrancy you desire fit YOUR life, not the other way around.


So instead of the all-or-nothing dieting approach, I challenge you to take a sustainable, practice-based approach in order to build healthy habits into YOUR life, one day at a time.

Change how you approach healthy eating from something with a start and end date to something you can live with day in and day out, through all of life’s ups and downs.

Change it to something that makes you happy, something that your taste-buds enjoy, something satiable that’s sustainable, doable and fun.


If you’re a woman who wants to look good, feel good, and be healthy and strong with a results-driven, sane and sustainable approach to fitness, contact for more info on your own individualized training and nutrition plan!


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